Aquarium Installations

We provide fresh and salt water aquariums for private homes and businesses across Cornwall. Bespoke, custom built aquariums are available and can be purchased or rented with regular maintenance. Whether you want a nano aquarium or a betta bowl, we have the required design and installation expertise.

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You can have complete confidence in the installation service provided by Aquatic Solutions. Our professional aquatic engineers will take care over every stage, from the creation of plans for your interior space to the fitting of a tank in your preferred style. We are here to advise and provide all of the essentials for a healthy aquatic environment.

Aquatic Solutions offer the following types of equipment:

  • Protein skimmers
  • Air pumps
  • Water pumps
  • Powerheads
  • CO2 supplies
  • Aquarium lighting
  • Filters and tank heaters
  • Fish food

You can find out all about the installation options during an initial consultation with our aquatic experts. We will take you through everything, from the optimum conditions for different fish species to the features which can be added to make your tank a show-piece. You can rely on Aquatic Solutions for continued servicing and maintenance after the installation of your aquarium.

The aquarium installation service is easily affordable and highly convenient. Our professional aquatic engineers have complete first aid training and are able to provide evidence of DBS checking on demand. Our installation services can be arranged to suit your preferences; with the service being delivered before opening or out of regular office hours as required. We also offer servicing and maintenance services to keep your tank in the best condition.

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We are here to advise and provide all of the essentials for a healthy aquatic environment.

5ft Juwel Aquarium

We installed this 5ft Juwel tropical display aquarium in a local care home in Redruth.  They wanted an impressive attractive aquarium in their lounge for patients and visitors to admire.

We are delighted with the fish tank that Ryan installed.  It’s brought a calming influence to the area.

5ft aquarium care home

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